E11v2 hates VR Sensors

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E11v2 hates VR Sensors

Postby Lukeperth » Mon Nov 01, 2021 2:26 pm

Ok I'm writting this in the purpose of giving the heads up to anyone that wishes to use an old e11v2...

After many months of trying all sorts of different ways to get my toyota 5efe+t to run correctly, it's not possible. Not with a 36-2 trigger wheel anyway. Possibly with a wheel that has less teeth but definitely not a 36-2.

Ive made this conclusion after replacing the CAS, running a completely brand new harness, adjusting the gain and filters, changing the edge. It will not work. I even purchased another e11v2 to make sure.

My next step is to install a hall effect CAS and hopefully that will solve this intermittent issue. I really don't want to throw this thing in the bin and write off months of work, money and generous people's help ive recieved along the way. However this will be the final straw should it not work.

Nothing against haltech, just thought id say this to hopefully save anyone else the heartaches.

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Re: E11v2 hates VR Sensors

Postby BlackBirdSR71 » Fri Dec 03, 2021 4:43 am

It juts hates Toyota sensors. Which outputs an extremely low voltage. Not the only ECU that stuggles with Toyota Nippondenso VR sensors. They can be a PITA... as you well know.

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