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F10X help

Postby Lary Alvey » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:03 am

Hey guys I have a 1934 chevy 3 window coupe street rod that I have built a 383 cid. small block chevy that I estimate will produce aprox. 450 to 500 horse power when properly tuned. I have converted an older hilborn stack injector into an EFI set up by plumbing 8 individual -3 AN lines (one in each port) on the underside of the manifold for the purpose of creating a vacuum signal for a map sensor. As well as fabricating a TPS system and injector bungs and fuel rails. I purchased and installed a Haltech F10X ECU system that is driven by HALWINX 1.26 soft ware. The ECU system seems to function properly for I am able to start and control the engine after entering as many of the the correct values that I can in the set up menu. After that I am lost as to what to do next.
Is there some way to obtain a baseline fuel map that I can load into the ECU that will give me a starting point that I can begin fine tuning from?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx Lary Alvey

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