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I have a 1986 Toyota PU with a 22RTE that is no longer good for the road, I also have a 86 22R PU W/ 35's, 6 in. TG SAS lift, 5.29 gears, lockers front and rear, rear disc conversion and so on, that is road worthy oddly enough. I have allll the bits from the RTE and would like to put the turbo and EFI (some day - no rush, i just got it painted$$) on the truck to gain some power and keep it "mostly" Toyota stock. What is the minimal ECU I could run from Haltech to make it safe (as it has a higher comp. ratio)? I don't have A/C or anything super fancy but I would like an elevated idle for power generation or winching as needed. This is a daily (when its running) and gets about 20mpg with the stock carburetor. I am hoping to keep it close to that but i do drive like a bit of a [email protected]#$ when I hear a turbo.... and thats mostly the reason for wanting to run a aftermarket ecu. Thanks for your help and again NO RUSH I just like to know well in advance what I'm getting into!

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