Communication problems

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Communication problems

Postby trialanderror » Fri May 15, 2015 7:24 am

Hi there, I have just installed an e6x on my car. With many problems I made the car to run fine. The main problem is the communication. Almost every time I crank my car it disconnects and sometimes it doesn't connects again so I crank it and then I go online. Then when I go to Fuel/igniton map to tune the engine after some sec it disconects again, especially when the engine revs and I have to restart haltech and unplug and replug my cable to let me connect again. I have to mention that I use a usb to serial cable and I have tested 2 other cables and another laptop with the same results. Com port setting are exactly (baud rate, priority etc) as discribed on the forum with no luck, the problem remains. Does someone have any idea before I buy a laptop with an com port? Than you in advance.

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