Ignitor failure at redline and lack of boost control

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Ignitor failure at redline and lack of boost control

Postby mattsouthshore » Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:25 pm

Hi all. I've come across a very odd problem with a 930 twin turbo in our shop. It is set up with e6x running two 3 channel ignitors and 6 coils for the twin plug system its running. two things are happening. first we seem to have no adjustability with boost. The turn dial works fine as we can see the duty % change fluidly as its turned. It is programmed to pwm 1 which the boost controller is wired to. Tried several configurations for vac/boost lines for the wastegate setup and no matter what we try we cant seem to get more than 12 lbs boost and its never adjustable. Secondly every time we try and acceleration run on our dyno the ignitors fail the moment we hit redline/fuel cutoff and then they have to be replaced as we no longer get any spark. Has anyone had similar issues or can someone point me in a direction.

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