E6X - Not sure if Home reads correctly

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E6X - Not sure if Home reads correctly

Postby Simonsen » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:48 am


I've got Haltech e6x on my volvo, b230fk with 16 valves. My triggger Diagnostics reads 240 triggers on 1 home, and home since last trigger Locks at 1.
My hall effect sensor is from DIY autotune, and i've wired it correctly. MY crank sensor is a denso from 2jz, 2 wire, and my trigger Wheel has two teeth 180 degrees between them.

Im fairly New to standalone ecus, and this is making my head ache . The engine might fire on the first try one time, but on the next it might just missfire and start going the other way.

It might just be settings for all i know, but I have no Idea. All inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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