Injection Time Calculator for all Haltech ECUs

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Re: Injection Time Calculator for all Haltech ECUs

Postby BlackBirdSR71 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:14 am

Engineer wrote:
Hi All,

As per a few requests I have now created a newer version of the calculator V2.0

Changes are:

1) SI Units can now be used exclusively
2) Engine Factor for 6 Cyl cars has been corrected

Just came across this and I have a couple of questions.

With Engine factor being corrected in the 2012 version, do we use 2 or 6 for six cylinder engines?

2: For medium to heavily cammed engines should we still stay with. 71.11 Kpa for idle vacuum and just adjust the AFR as necessary? I'm getting some huge IPW numbers if I use 30 KPA ( 10" HG ) as a vacuum number. IE: 6 cyl, 2800 CC engine, 1.000 rpm, 30kpa idle vacuum, 14.7 AFR, 310cc injectors = 10.009 ms at idle? There's no way that can be correct. At 71.11 KPA I get 4.24ms with all other parameters the same.

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