Weird Boost Problems 2004 MY05 WRX (Interceptor)

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Weird Boost Problems 2004 MY05 WRX (Interceptor)

Postby puma85 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:48 am

Hey Guys and Gals

I have recently just had an interceptor installed into my 2004 MY05 WRX and I am sometimes having problems with the boost. I have two maps set up one is at 14psi and the second (activated via a switch) is 16psi.

This issue that I am having is that sometimes the boost will only reach 12psi on map one and 14psi on map two the car has noticeably less power when this happens also. It doesn't do this all the time and I can't seem to work out a pattern for when it does do it just yet. I have tried to do some logging to see what is going on however every time that a plug the laptop in it won't have the problem :roll:

I have spoken to my tuner and he said to bring it back in so he can check it out although I think it might be a waste of money and his time at this stage as I think I need to try work out what might be causing it first.

My current modifications are :
Stainless steel turbo back exhaust
APS intake
Haltech Interceptor (Standard one not the mini platinum thing)

Any info into this would be very useful


p.s Also can you tell me what fields would be good to log. I have been through a lot but they don't seem to be hooked up as they are returning all 0's. I would just like to give the turner the best info I can when I finally get it to create the problem under logging.

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Re: Weird Boost Problems 2004 MY05 WRX (Interceptor)

Postby Robbks » Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:52 am

Ask your tuner what inputs he has actually wire in to the unit. (so you can log them)

I suspect he;s only hooked up the minimum amount of inputs (load and engine position) to be able to adjust the basic timing and fuelling.
this does leave you short on options for diagnosis

yopur tuner may have tuned in too much timing and the factory ECU is retarding timing (loosing power) to prevent knock.
but you could also have other under-lying issues, like dodgy engine sensors, old spark plugs and incorrect gaps, blocked fuel filter, bad batches of fuel, incorrect RON fuel, dirty air filter, dirty AFM from oiled pod filters, etc, etc

most tuners will tune the car in the condition it's in when you bring it to them, they assume that the car is in very good health, but if you've got old tired plugs and blocked air cleaners, they can only tune what they've got.

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Re: Weird Boost Problems 2004 MY05 WRX (Interceptor)

Postby jasaircraft » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:30 am

you could have a leak, although if this behaviour is corrected instantly and comes back by connecting and disconnecting to the interceptor then its definately related to either the software or wiring. You would have to log the solenoid's duty cycle.
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