Subaru forester Boost cut Map clamp level drama

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Subaru forester Boost cut Map clamp level drama

Postby Jaronimo » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:13 am

Hey there, I have a problem with my interceptor running on a 99gt forester tuned to 12psi running the stock EBC bleedoff wastegate system,my problem being it hits boost cut at 15psi since the cooler days started, tuned in the end of summer

I have also looked into the map setting and can see the overboost level in analogue signals map 1 is set to 35psi? 2393mbar,
and the map clamp level set to 26psi 1793mbar

how is my boost level set and achieved through the interceptor? can I just lower the boost to move it away from the boost cut, or should I just run a MBC?

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