Looking for starting point maps, E6GM on a 5.0L GM TBI industial engine

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Looking for starting point maps, E6GM on a 5.0L GM TBI industial engine

Postby clm2112 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:59 am

Hi all,

Got a little project. I have a 1988 GM 5.0L V8 industrial engine. Currently uses a Rochester QuadraJet carb. Since I rebuilt the engine, and happen to have a pile of parts from my days of drag racing a 3rd gen F-Body, I thought it would be neat to run the engine on fuel injection instead of the 4bbl carb.

The controller I have to work with is a Haltech E6GM, it currently has a map for a 350 Tuned Port Injection motor in it. It may be 20 years old, but it seems to be in working order. So, I could use some help getting new values for the fuel tables as a starting point.

The engine is just your typical late '80s GM 305 TBI truck motor with a very mild RV/Towing/Marine camshaft. A similar engine would be any MerCruiser or Volvo-Penta stern drive V8. Not a high-horsepower screamer, just a motor that produces a lot of torque at low RPM and will live out most of it's life running around 2500 rpm for hours at a time.

Induction is a Rochester 220 TBI throttle body (exact injector size is currently unknown, I'll find out when I take it apart to clean and re-gasket it.) I also have an aftermarket Holley 500-6S to work with. Ignition is a regular small-cap HEI with the 8-pin EFI module and remote coil.

If someone has a basic map for a TBI V8 and would share it, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'll be spending a few days recalculating every cell from 8 injectors @43psi in batch down to 2 bigger injectors @ 14psi

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