E6K Air control motor WRX 01

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E6K Air control motor WRX 01

Postby Lisa-Isabella » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:00 pm

Hi Guys

I have an old 89 Touring Wagon I got in 91. After destroying my Vortex motor (E6 original Distributer) I fitted a RS Liberty EJ20 (Closed Deck) and an E6S ....... I would visit the boys at Tarren Point just down the road for advice ....... The E6K had just been realest so they kindly swopped it over. On another trip they gave me 717 software which was never realist to the public but includes Subaru B trigger and logging which I used with my Tech Edge WO2 connected :) I have 2 E6K's as I did a bike also. M&W were just a short drive away :) happy days. I miss these days. Anyhow I still love this car, the size and feel .... the steering so I've just fitted a GD8 6speed and an MY01 Rexy motor (Coil on plug) 40,000km ...... The RS had 450,000km and was a little bit dead.

So Can you advice me on how to "wire in" the Idle control motor, and how to get it going in the software. ATM I'm running 2 PWM outputs BAC1 and BAC slave.

Also Should I run the multitooth trigger as It makes the processor work hard or simply grind off all teeth except two 180deg apart on the crank and weld a ferros metal tab on to the cam 180deg apart for a home signal. This is how I ran the RS ......... The MY01 has two tab pickups on the crank but their only 90% apart ....... Damm it :(

Thanks for you help, and running this forum. Hope the Hitman is doing well........ and I appreciate any help :) Lisa

Mmm still trying to figure the links sorry



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Re: E6K Air control motor WRX 01

Postby HaltechMatthew » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:09 pm

I am still going well.. :mrgreen:

Honestly, cut the teeth or move to a much newer ECU even a second hand PS500 is a major improvement. It is not really a processor thing, but it would give far less headaches compared to dealing with the older gen ECUs.

If you are using the MY01 engine isnt that a 2-wire idle valve? Just BAC on one output and 12V+ Switched.

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Re: E6K Air control motor WRX 01

Postby Lisa-Isabella » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:19 pm

Hi Matt

This thing could be running in a couple of days. I bought my 2 E6K's new so I'm kind of attached to them and the 27 y/o car they go in ......... I turned 60 this year, retired, so I'm going on 19 inside my head and use this this old stuff to drag my late 70's Maico, KTM, and Husqvarna around the country following the vinduro scene. Guess I'm getting two old to change, that it'll happen when Dos, and serial cable laptop expire :) I guess maybe........

So the ACM has 3 standard Subaru wires going in a red one in the middle A white one and a black with a white stripe. Everything else is fine It's just which wires to use. I can set it to work BAC 1 or both. I'll fine tune with my wideband down in the royal NP at night...... Natures chassis dyno.

A big thanks to you and your base maps on the old days of Yahoo forums. Win98 second edition ...... It was so much fun :) and you helped so many people.


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