E6GM Serial Cable Repair - Pinout Required

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E6GM Serial Cable Repair - Pinout Required

Postby DIYGemini » Sat Mar 12, 2022 11:25 pm

Hi all,

I have a >4000 serial E6GM out of an old turbo-converted Gemini I picked up recently that I'd like to repurpose into another project, and am looking for a quick confirmation of the wiring pinout of the serial cable part of the "dongle" that fortunately has stayed with the ECU for the roughly 12+ years the car has sat unused.
Unfortunately the DB9 connector and back shell look like they've been pulled out of the local river, despite the rest of the dongle lead, the 12 pin ECU connector, and the ECU itself being surprisingly well preserved. I've already opened the ECU case to check things out and apart from a few slightly oxidized header pins it's looking like the DB9 plug on the cable is the only casualty.

So because the entire back shell and plug are completely rotten, at least one of the wires inside has already pulled out from the back of the connector once I split the shell open, and the other 2 that are still holding on aren't far behind, but at least I know their positions for the new connector I intend to solder on after cutting off the rotted section. There are 5 wires in the cable that runs into the back shell, but I don't know if all 5 get used on the connector, as everything is so badly oxidized in there that it's hard to tell for sure.

Does anyone know if only these 3 wires get used for the serial cable, and do the following colour/positions sound correct?

2: Green
3: Blue
5: Yellow
All other positions: N/A

If not, what positions should the red and black (the remaining of the 5) wires be soldered to?

A quick search across the forum/s has shown that the 3 wires in those positions should be correct for an E6X serial cable, but I don't know whether that ECU's dongle would have been shipped with a 3 wire serial cable, or a 5 wire cable with only 3 wires used.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated!

Thanks! :D

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