ECU Manager 1.06.1 Released

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ECU Manager 1.06.1 Released

Postby HaltechAdam » Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:20 pm

Dear Haltech Customers

We have just released version 1.06.1 ECU Manager.
Please follow the link below to download your copy.
Please take the time to read over the changes and familiarise yourself with the new features before upgrading your ECU's.

ECU Manager New Features
  • Laptop logging
  • Support for the Sprint 500 Series of ECU's.
  • Sport 2000 variant now supports quad rotor.
  • Knock Control has been added to the Pro range of ECU's.
  • Fuel Flow Sensor has been added as a DPI option in the Sport Series.
  • Long Term Fuel Trim correction function added to Pro Series ECU's.
  • Zero TPS Value setting added to Pro Series ECU's.
  • The ability to reset the ECU from within the menus of ECU Manager (not recommended for 350Z and R35 Pro Harness ECU's as fault codes could result).
  • Customizable shortcut keys for tuning tab pages.

  • New Data Manager bar has been added to the bottom of the screen for managing all logging processes.
  • All AFR ranges have been increased.
  • Zero Throttle Ignition Table range has been increased in the Pro ECU range.
  • Unit converters have been streamlined. Please note that upgrading will reset your unit converters back to their default values for this version.
Upgrading your ECU to the 1.06 Release firmware will enable the following features and fixes which are outlined below:

Platinum Pro R35 / 350Z

New Features
  • Added a 10 second wait from engine start before Decel Cut will work.
  • Knock control with long term ignition trims.
  • Long term fuel trims.
  • MAP out is now based on a separate calibration. This so that the input can be based on any MAP sensor while still outputting the factory calibration. (R35 only).
  • MAF input can be disabled.
  • MAF output can be switched to a voltage output table.

Platinum Pro R32

New Features
  • Removed the need to reset the ECU with a changes of certain settings.
  • Flat shift now has a minimum RPM & TPS.
  • Knock control with long term ignition trims.
  • Long term fuel trims.
  • Zero TPS Setting.
  • Zero throttle ignition now uses the zero TPS setting to determine when it is in use.
  • R32/R33 ECU now looks at both factory knock sensors.
  • Increased dead time table size.
  • Barometric pressure sensor can be put on the user definable analogue inputs.
  • Injector current setting.
Platinum Sport 1000 / 2000

New Features
  • Thermofans turn off when engine is cranking.
  • Added a fuel flow sensor.
  • Added a coolant pressure sensor.
  • The load axis can be set to either MAP, TPS or Load-Fuel on the generic duty table, open loop boost table & target AFR table. This is done in the Table Setup page.
  • New Injector Differential Pressure channel.
  • Fuel Pressure Type setting. Choose between MAP Referenced & Constant.
  • Base Fuel Pressure setting.
  • Added a separate sample rate at idle for O2 control.
  • Engine Protection function added. A Rev limit, fuel enrichment, ignition retard and boost reduction are applied when user selected sensors exceed a threshold. Engine Protection only works after 5 seconds of engine running and above engine cranking.
  • Idle control now has an open loop mode.
  • Four rotor support. PS2000 only
  • Status LED stops indicating Trigger/Home status when RPM higher than cranking RPM.

Platinum Sprint 500

New Features
  • None

Please Click the link to download
Platinum ECU Manager v1.06.1 (103 Mb)

Thankyou for your support
The Haltech Team

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