Elite 2500 BA NA Flat Spot

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Elite 2500 BA NA Flat Spot

Postby PeakPerformanceAuto » Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:44 pm

hi all,
chasing some help with a weird flat spot.
got a basically stock barra in my xf, has a fg intake extractors and a proper cold air intake setup.
i've tried everything i can think of, but engine has a flat spot at 3000rpm, no matter what i do with timing or fueling it doesn't change, no vac leaks, new plugs, good coils.
just chasing opinions, don't wanna dyno it till i turbo it, but that wont be till the new year, and would really like it sorted by then.
thanks for any and all help
have linked my map for refrence, and video of issue

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