per cylinder tuning wideband

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per cylinder tuning wideband

Postby cris90 » Mon Jan 09, 2023 4:10 am

Hey guys i just about picked up a new set of headers. Was gonna go get some o2 bungs welded onto all 4 cylinders and I was pocking through the NSP software trying to figure out how to do Per cylinder wideband tuning.

I Finally have my overall bank wideband tuning nice and happy. I BIG fan of the O2 controlled long term fuel trim learning, but that only seems to allow one input, per bank with a max of 2 banks. Now if I can only use 2 bank tuning, that means the headers need to 4-2-1 headers, so i can put 2 bungs on the "2 "part of the merge collector correct? Seems like that's the only way i can get o2 controlled wideband tuning with long term fuel trim.

If its a software thing where it can only apply 2 long term fuel trims, is there a way to install 4 widebands do individually tune with individual cylinder correction then, assigning "bank 1" to be a average off wideband 1 and 4 average afr and for "bank 2" to be a average for 2 and 3 average afr?

Unless again there is a button i'm not seeing that allows 4 cylinder o2 LTFT maps


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