Some small stuff for the ECU Manager

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Some small stuff for the ECU Manager

Postby CustomCarDesign » Fri May 24, 2013 12:25 am

Hey gues,..

I have some little but very helpful ideas :)


the possibility to name the Generic Inputs we use the generic inputs for exhaust pressure or Gear and Diff temperatures,.. and its hard to remember all the time the generic numbers,.. if you would add a small text field where you can name the channel like "Gear Temp" for Generic sensor 3 maybe,..

the possibility to make text fields at the tuning pages, so you can write text to it to remember importent things or to name the generic channels,..

is a bug report,..
if you use the generic inputs,.. it starts with generic 1 in the ecu manager, but this channel is generic 0 in the datalog viewer,.. thats not good ^^
is it possible to send the name of a channel to the datalog viewer?! so if you name your channel like the generic ones "diff temp" so it should be shown as "diff temp" in the logger,.. and if you use the DPO3 for boost ctrl. it should be shown as DPO3 (boost control ) in the datalog viewer,.. this would be very helpful,..

make some logical links possible,.. maybe something like calc output where you are able to calculate thinks and use all parameters to set an output,.. like an diff oil pump,.. if generic 3 >80 set 1 if generic 3 <75 set 0
and make it able to calculate parameters,.. simple calcs like parameter "MAP/TIP" and let the exhaust pressure vs map shown as proportion
or to calculate the slip,.. maybe like this: wheelspeed 1 / wheelspeed 2 and then you can work with this parameters,..

so you could realize an gear control too :)) or use the haltech also for the power distribution management, and you could log all switches ect,..

that would be awesome,.. and its only a small programming work,.. the Innovate datalogging software Logworks 3 can do this also in the datalogging review,.. this is also great,.. so you can calculate every thing after a run,..

if you do not use ignition or injection outputs, maybe becaus you only use the ecu on a 4 or 3 cyl engine, make the not used outputs useable for DPOs,..

change the name of the ATS and CTS on the diagnostic page from AVI to the real name,.. because nowhere is written which AVIs the ATS and CTS are,..

ignition and injection firing test button,.. so you can test the injectors and coils,.. same for the DPOs,.. a butten with "test" if you push it, the output opens for an blink of an eye,..

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Re: Some small stuff for the ECU Manager

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon May 27, 2013 5:00 pm

1. Renaming is difficult to add to a Sport system but we may be able to add more named inputs. I will ask about adding Gear and Diff Temps.

2. This may be also difficult to add, but may not be needed if more channel names are added.

3. I can confirm this is a bug. I will add it to the list for fixing in v1.13

4. These functions can be done as Math channels in the Data Log Viewer.

5. This is already available. If unused you can access the ignition or fuel channels as DPOs. To test I just set to 1-cylinder and it gave me 16x spare DPOs!

6. The pages are user definable, just add the CTS and ATS channels and you can view by real names. AVI's are used only as a guide.

7. Long wanted by a number of people! I will re-request it.

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Re: Some small stuff for the ECU Manager

Postby najatuw4646 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:18 pm

remember importent things or to name the generic channels,..
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Re: Some small stuff for the ECU Manager

Postby kuromaku » Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:28 am

I would love a power balance test mode .. witch would help chase down a miss to a coil or an injector witch allows me to kill a coil or injector record the rpm difference ..
i guess a dip in crank speed you be zoomed in and interpreted into a particular cylinder

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