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Adding a Hysteresis option to the conditional drop down list.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:00 am
by Drwaffles
I've noticed we've got available a "Not equal to" along with the typical "Greater than" .. etc.
Awesome, but something that would give a lot more flexibility would be allow a hysteresis without the use of generic channels and timers.

You could create a hysteresis for actuating say a solenoid or a fan, or a water to air intercooler pump based on IAT's or any generic output..This could be a great help!

So you could have
Hyst activation: Greater than 4000RPM
Hyst de-activation: No less than 3000RPM

Hyst-A : Greater than 55IAT
Hyst-D: No less than 40IAT

Much nicer and more OEM feel than:
Hmm it's at 51IAT, better turn it on, ohh, we're back at 50.. off it goes.. Hmmm, back at 51 again.. and so on.

Not sure how difficult that'd be to add in, but would love to see it added eventually!
Appreciate your fine work guys!