Make engine protection more usable for street cars

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Make engine protection more usable for street cars

Postby kareltuning » Fri Aug 27, 2021 4:40 pm

The engine protection as it is right now on the elite and nexus sadly are a pain to enforce in real life. For example:

A car or jetski will trigger a quick lack of oil pressure protection during hard braking causing the driver to have to cycle the key when in fact, the oil pressure is right back to normal but still the fault persists.

Setting a coolant temperature protection is a pain also, engines will heat soak when shut down in hot weather and when starting the car again after a few minutes the coolant temps might be over the protection limit inside the head, this will trigger a protection even though the temps come back down as soon as the car is started and then the driver has to shut down the engine and restart.

I get pressure sensors triggering minimum voltages in the nexus (low voltage maybe?) during starting for no reason when they are in fact working perfect while the car is on, this triggers a protection if setup and requires a restart. Again, very irritating when customers call and there is nothing wrong with the sensors.

A car that has a lean condition under high load with a protection setup will trigger it if lean but even when the customer is driving normally it will still be "protecting". At this point most customers will drive on an enriched mixture and retarded timing, sometimes for very long periods of time. Making the protection actually worse when there is nothing to protect since the condition is no longer present.

Giving a customer the ability to "acknowledge" a protection actually defeats the whole purpose because as it is right now if the conditions to trigger the failsafe become present again, the ecu will not trigger it because it was "acknowledged". I'm sure this feature has its benefits, I just can't think of any the way it is now.

The fix: just protect while the conditions are present like other ecus, or flash the MIL and go on limp mode for a defined time. Anything except requiring shutting down the engine and cycling the key. On race cars this might be an ok procedure but cycling the key on street cars that have power brakes, locking steering wheels, electric or power steering is a no-no and requires the car to come to a standstill.

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