GM LT based direct injection

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GM LT based direct injection

Postby LTSonoma » Mon Jul 18, 2022 3:16 am

I see in some previous posts from a few years ago that DI control was at least being thought about. Are there any advancements in this topic? I am getting ready to start planning a project that will be a LT based turbo application. The hope is to run start up and cruising with DI and then port injection for any boost related tuning/running. Would definitely simplify, much less make injector purchasing much cheaper for a dual fuel setup. Also need to start getting cam shaft specs going. Basically need to figure out if I need the fuel pump lobe on the cam :wink: . I already have a Nexus R5 and would love to be able to utilize the DI injectors.

Any help is appreciated.

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