NSP - additional axis on AUX Limiter

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NSP - additional axis on AUX Limiter

Postby RLY240 » Sun Jul 31, 2022 2:43 pm

I'd like to see the addition of another axis to the AUX limiter function so that this could be mapped to a button or rotary pot or some other channel to expand the capability of this function.

Default setup allows only one channel (say gear) so the AUX limiter can be set for each gear but if we could add another channel we could then map this to, say, the rain light status or a switch input so a lower per gear limit could be activated.

I'm thinking a lower rev limit in the rain for example or a multi position switch to enable various speed limits (60, 80, 100 etc) for road use.

We can already do this with the main limiter so adding this to the AUX (and also the Pit Limit switch) would be great so we can maintain a hard or ignition cut on the main limiter and then a soft or injection cut for the AUX.

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