Touchscreen compatible software

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Re: Touchscreen compatible software

Postby TunerMax » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:11 am

Any updates? We need this !

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Re: Touchscreen compatible software

Postby alexmaroto » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:38 pm


I have been working with Haltech ECU´s the last year and I am amazed with the features and support they have!, I just would like to connect with the PS1000/2000 wireless to avoid pluging it on back and for with the USB cable. I would like to just been side by side with the car and may download and tune the car wireless!

I guess an external accesory could do it or could be a simple build in chip on the next versions....



jon volk
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Re: Touchscreen compatible software

Postby jon volk » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:52 am

I run Haltech software on my Dell venue 8 pro. Any tablet with windows 8.1 can run the software with a touch screen..

So easy a baby can do it.


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Re: Touchscreen compatible software

Postby HaltechMatthew » Fri May 01, 2015 4:03 pm

One of the guys here in R&D uses a Surface Pro 2. Works fine.

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