haltech powered genesis coupe burning oil on hot start

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haltech powered genesis coupe burning oil on hot start

Postby need2boost » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:22 pm

hello all, I'm having an issue burning oil on hot starts only that i have been trying to track down for some time. the motor is a built sleeved g4kf, compression is good, little to no blow by. bottom end was torn down and inspected by a local machine shop ( they mostly deal with dirt track racing), head has been sent off and rebuilt with OS valves. car drives great, makes excellent power, and has been reliable for some time now considering the abuse i put it through. ever since i went to a built motor i seem to be having an oil burning issue on hot starts mainly. car burns a ton of oil for a few seconds on hot starts, weird part is if the car is off for more then 30 minutes i get no smoke. no smoke on cold starts, no smoke under high boost. but the exhaust smells of oil the longer it runs. coolant temps stay pretty low at around 180*, oil temps never get above 210*. running 20w-50 oil. Oil always looks perfectly clear on the dip stick, although level will decrease from burning oil over time.
the hotter it gets outside the worse the problem becomes. my only thought is its EGT related. I'm running a precision 6466 turbo with little to no miles, switched from a precision 6062 Gen II that did the exact same thing. only issue I've had with the entire build is that the sleeves sank 0.004" and had to have the block re-decked.
Any ideals what would cause excessive oil burning only on hot starts? wondering if alleged high egts would cause an issue with the turbo. to be honest i'm also unsure of oil pressure although my thoughts are if oil pressure was too high it would smoke worse when cold.

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Re: haltech powered genesis coupe burning oil on hot start

Postby HaltechMatthew » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:02 pm

Start and stop the engine while hot and if plugs are not oil fouled my gut instant is to pull the turbo and look for oil there. Or could be exhaust valve seals. The oil sounds like it is seeping through after you shut down.

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