Id like to try for a sponsorship.

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Id like to try for a sponsorship.

Postby LotusEsprit1000 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:39 am

I think I have plenty to offer Haltech as compensation for a cheapened or "free" ECM. I go to races I am on a drift team. Build cars in my spare time and go to all kinds of events. I also drive a 1990 lotus esprit daily that had a horrible rebuild done on it before my ownership. Before everything went south with the rebuild the plan was to use a Haltech elite 1000 and 4 ID1000 injectors to get rid of idle issues and to stabilize performance. Well The car was worse off than I thought. I ended up Doing a full tear down. Crank flywheel and pistons are all going to get modified as the stock units will handle the power but need refinement. They are ready to be shipped off along with new lighter stronger conrods and piston pins. Piston pins are my choice h13 tools steel and are 20 grams lighter than stock and can be milled down for another 20 grams. The rods are 4340 and I balanced them here to within .1 grams. The crank will be shaved down to mesh with the new rod and pin weight and possibly lighter pistons. Then the flywheel will loose 2kg and be milled back to spec. A shop in the states is checking to see if they have a tilton 3 plate clutch to go with my flywheel. The head has been CC'd ported and polished then signed off by a porter. In the works are an intake plenum tuned to the 3rd harmonic and an equil length exhaust header that will move the turbo to a better location and better manage heat. All of this will be paired to a GTX3076R turbo and Injector dynamics ID1050 injectors monitored by all new gear some of which was donated from an 04 audi A6. This should net a bare minimum of 550 H.P. at 7400 RPM and 2 bar of boost with a ceiling theoretical limit of 714 H.P. at the crank before the turbo and block become overstressed. This isn't everything but it should paint a picture. Which is another thing. When applying for a sponsorship on the website only low rez photos are allowed. My goal is to have the fastest and most reliable daily driven esprit around. This car will see lots of events and is and will be plastered all over facebook and Mightycarmods forums the whole way. I think that is more than ample reason to give a little helping hand and in return Haltech will get lots of coverage in places that havent even heard of Haltech before. Namely the Japanese racing crowd who are mostly using outdated FconV's or piggy back. This ECM is very affordable but isnt well known here and I think I have more than enough to put on the table for Haltech to put up one ECM. Either way I will be getting the ECM but seeing as this was totally unplanned and the ECM was going to be purchased this spring... In Japan... It is now the end of summer. It would help get the car done before fall. If I do not get any sponsoring I will still push on and purchase the Elite 1500 in a month or two. All of the pieces are here except the ECM, wiring, header tubes, turbo and aluminum for the intake. The aluminum will be ordered this weekend. Also anyone who is interested in this build can join Mightycarmods forums or the facebook.

If anyone can get me an email for the Advertising department so I can pitch to them or has any ideas how I can get an Elite 1500 cheaper by all means inbox me!

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Re: Id like to try for a sponsorship.

Postby dawesy » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:54 pm

There’s a sponsorship tab on the main Haltech page under contact I believe.

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Re: Id like to try for a sponsorship.

Postby SolTar » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:03 pm

dawesy wrote:There’s a great review of Surfshark VPN under sponsorship tab on the main Haltech page under contact I believe.

Did you have any luck with the sponsorship, Lotus? Your plan for the car sounds very interesting, honestly. I hope you can get something going.

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Re: Id like to try for a sponsorship.

Postby HaltechMatthew » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:56 am

I know this is an older thread but I will post here anyway to help future readers.

As you can no doubt imagine, we get multiple requests for sponsorship every day. Way too many. If we sponsored everyone that asked we may as well close the doors because everyone wants something cheap or for free and we would never make any money, which is the main purpose of having a business.

The reality is that to be issued sponsorship you would need to be doing something that guarantees we earn back way more than what we give to you. In general you would need to have a massive and preferably global audience before the marketing team would take the request seriously. For example if you are drifting as the OP is you would need to be on the marketing level of someone like Mad Mike for us to pay attention. If you just occasionally go to a local track meeting we will most likely politely decline. At the grassroots level you are better off talking to your tuner or a local workshop that is working with your car who can better take benefit from local advertising.

This is not to dissuade you from applying, but more to give an understanding of what we are a manufacturer are looking for.

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