Yall need to take some advice and delete this after.

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Yall need to take some advice and delete this after.

Postby LotusEsprit1000 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:18 am

I think most people here know who I am. Not that I am a special guy I might not even be a good customer. Not that I try to be a bad one. But this is a bit incompetent on Haltech's end. Given I have been planning this for a long time and I am ready to promote a product I have never used before having held off for 6 months to get the suggested model. I expect to be taken good care of. I don't feel I have been, and this is after the purchase. Before I got all the answers I needed.

I was thinking I would get the Elite 1000 and the wiring harness as its all I could afford being a school teacher in a foreign country working out of a shed. It's why I kept asking about a sponsorship. That part hey I get. There are a lot of people wanting a free ride and people with bigger budgets able to show off the Haltech's features better. But always worth a try. Then I caught a bit of a break. I tried out the servey and didnt win. But I got that 10% discount. Brother... It helped me heaps. I worked as hard as I could taking on a second temporary job That only lasted the last mont. I worked so hard they are giving me a few free hours. It still doesnt pay for the unit but together I can just barley afford the 1500 with harness.

I ordered it under my wifes name. I wanted to contact Haltech to fix a name issue I had.... No reply through email... Tried to call. ... I am calling from Japan and your phone service does not take calls from internet phone service so I am paying about 1 AUD per 50 seconds... On the sales line there is no message like " Hey were out to lunch or call back later" No it just loops between ringing and the hold recording. I thought I kept being cycled to hold. 10 minutes. Then I sent an email... Still no reply.... Called again another day at around 10AM... again 10 minutes of hold. Called back for option 2 got a message tone. Left a message with phone number repeated twice... Haltech is not a huge company. Someone aught to know that I placed this order and have been trying to get ahold of you.

Worse yet my wife got through yesterday and whoever she spoke to was curt ( Putting it nicely.) " Oh its best to call before noon " Was the reply. " The order didnt go through for some reason. Putting it through now." Was some of I heard what was said.

Coming form a background building drag cars and selling cars and running a hotel I can say 100% this is not the way to handle it.
Whoever it is who handles these things aught to be nicer. Someone should fix the phone system ( Not cheap I know) to inform the customer that they wont be answered or that they can call a different line to leave a message. ( Put that info on the website... Which also has outdated information on it...)
I still haven't gotten an email.. Just a forwarded ups tracking ( I got that today.)

Also when a person finds out a customer who is very much ready to put a product all over social media and show all there friends what they got has been desperately trying to contact them for a week then just maybe being curt is the wrong way... :?

So please don't do this to other customers... From what I have seen the Haltech Elite is a really good unit at a stellar price. The tech's were good to me when I had questions in the beginning and didn't know what I wanted to do. I was pretty angry about it but I just hope someone reads this who understands how I felt like a very low priority customer after buying the unit and how that reflects poorly. Also I don't want this to stick around after it is read so I encourage ask whoever reads this to Delete it and send me an email if you have any further questions. I don't think I have anything other to say than I hope it all works out and the next guy like me spending his every bit of change gets proper customer service.

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Re: Yall need to take some advice and delete this after.

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:42 pm

No need to delete. Feedback both positive and negative is fine. I am more just curious when you were trying to call?

Pretty much Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm we have around 6 guys here at HQ in Sydney on the phones and if we don't answer you will get the Receptionist who will take a message and forward it to us to call back. If you call outside of these hours the system will try to divert you to our US office. There are a few hours where both offices are not open but for most of the day we are. Weekends, like everyone else, we take a break from answering the 1000's of messages we get to clear our minds to do it all again on Monday. We are only human after all. I just find it highly unusual that you would call us and have nobody answer unless it is outside of both our office hours.

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