Old pushrod 6 cyl conversion

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Old pushrod 6 cyl conversion

Postby Skellibert » Fri Oct 15, 2021 2:38 pm

Oh folks, I am looking for a simple list of items required to change a pushrod, dizzy sparked, carby 6cyl into a coil on plug and injected motor, driven by haltech.

Is there a list of component required to do this?
For the record, this is at the stage of "Is this within my ability and funds", so just a little more solid than a dream.
The actual vehicle in question is an FJ62 landcruiser, 4.0 Ltd petrol engine.
I know that I will need to either use a 3fe intake setup or make a custom unit that will take a throttle body and the injectors.
For the crank sender and position sender, can I use the distributor, or am I better off using the toothed wheel system?
Anything else that I don't know I don't know?

I will be doing this as cheaply as I can.
If I was to buy a wrecked falcon and scavenge the sensors, coils, injectors, throttle body etc off of it, I assume I could then order a falcon loom and just plug it all in, but the crack sensor etc would not be useful..?.. would that work?

Anyway, a comprehensive list would be a great start

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