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help picking out haltech ecu

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:27 pm
by katillidie
hello i am just tryin to figure out what ecu i need for my 92 ka24de. i am lookin for convert my distributor ignition to direct fire... and eventually goin to turbo. thanx

Re: help picking out haltech ecu

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:53 am
by THR RX7
Your best bet would be the E8, best bang for the buck, with the option to read off your stock sensors its a very easy installation that can even be done as a Plug N Play one. If you want i can set that up for you. Sell you the unit and what ever else you need.

You can also do a full harness install, so that way later you can swich to multicoils.

Where are you from, i will be in NY after monday, possibly Texas too. Let mek now.

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