Possible Haltech Group Buy - Is there any interest??


Possible Haltech Group Buy - Is there any interest??

Postby THR RX7 » Sun Apr 29, 2007 12:12 am

Hello all,

I am contemplating doing another Haltech group buy and i wanted to find out if there was enough of a demand to fulfill one up?

Please inform me either here on this thread or via PM if you are, include what you'd need and where are you located, as well as a phone number so i can contact you.

If this were to go through, i would do the following prices:

E6X flying lead with air and coolant temp, haltech tps, and internal 2.5bar map sensor, US$1100.00
E8 flying lead with air and coolant temp, haltech tps and 3bar map sensor, US$1400.00
E11v2 flying lead kit with air and coolant temp sensor, haltech tps and 3bar map sensor, US$1700.00

Additional options:
Haltech wideband controller with gauge, US$400.00 (US$375.00 if ordered with a haltech kit)
Haltech 3bar map sensor US$90.00 w/connecor
Fully terminated harness option + full connector kit (subject to availability and demand) US$220.00 (please note, the harnesses would come terminated from Haltech, not to be confused with my other thread on "replacement terminated harnesses" i intend to do for specific vehicles.
Haltech Boost solenoid, US$85.00
Haltech Trim knob, US$55.00
Shipping to Canada would be an additional 10 bucks on top of the total. Anywhere else in the world it will have to be recalculated, contact me for that.

I will start the GB as soon as i have a commitment to buy from at least 7 people. If there are 7 people in with confirmed payments the GB is on.

Prices INCLUDE shipping, payment would be through paypal using the eCheck option (i use this option so i dont have to charge the 4% fee i get stuck with on regular payments. eCHecks take about 3-4 days to clear, but it would garantee the lowest price possible. Shipping would probably be using DHL regular ground.

As always if there are 10 or more individual orders i might be able to knock the price down a tad bit. But a minimum of 7 confirmed individuals is required for the GB to go through. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask me. Please also remember that i can try and do plug n play harnesses for those applications using this style of connector but its subject to time delays if you do since i would have to build them and i dont have them in stock yet. But if you're interested please ask me.

ECU's from vehicles i am aware this type of connector fits on:

Mazda: RX-7 S5 and S6, Miata 99, Mazda 323 98-02, Cosmo
Mitsubishi: EVO 1-8, 3000GT 91-95, Eclipse 1st gen (maybe 2nd gen??), Galant 91~??
Honda/Acura: All OBD1 Honda/Acura cars, NSX
Toyota: MR-2 2nd gen, Supra MK3 90-93, 93-97 Celica
Subaru: 92-98 Impreza and Legacy

There may be more, but these are the ones im sure are most important.

Thank you. Claudio RX-7
[email protected]
Dominican Republic
Tel. +1(809)763.0202
Tel. +1(678)810.0763
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