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Does this setup make sense?

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:10 pm
by CaptWSims
My car has been with a tuner for 8 months, and he's now moving overseas. He brought the car back to me todayand I'll be finishing up where he left off.

I question how he is setting up the signal for the ignition and the injectors. He is using the original Bosch L-Jetronic distributor's Hall Effect to generate the ignition signal, which then goes to a Haltech ignition module, then to 3 Haltech double coils (direct fire wasted spark 6 cylinder). This seems OK for the ignition, though I'm not an expert.

But I don't see how this can fire the injectors--doesn't the ECU have to know the crank angle before it can tell the injectors to batch fire?

The car came from the factory with neither a crank position sensor nor cam position sensor (1987 Alfa V-6 3 liter, now supercharged and modified for racing).

Re: Does this setup make sense?

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 3:50 am
by CaptWSims
I did my post at 2 am, when having insomnia. Have thought about it more, and realize that the injectors in batch or simultaneous firing do not need to know the crank angle, as TDC is irrelevant--they just need to fire 6 times for every 2 revolutions of the crank. The Bosch distributor's Hall Effect signal will accomplish that. But how do I set it up on the laptop?

The ignition will likewise need to fire 6 times per 2 cycles of the crank. But crank position does matter--ignition needs to know TDC on #1 piston. Since it is a direct-fire wasted spark setup, does not have to know whether it is TDC compression or exhaust--just TDC. I don't see how the system is going to know that from the Bosch distributor's Hall Effect signal.

Is my thinking correct????

Re: Does this setup make sense?

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:42 am
by CaptWSims
Hey, I'm answering my own posts...came up with a solution that will work. Will have a SS wheel fabricated at local machine shop that will fit inside my supercharger pulley (which is a press-fit in my crank pulley). Then mount the 2 magnets and fabricate a steady bracket for the S3 sensor.

This approach is well documented by Haltech, and takes out all the BS with the distributor.

Will pull the distributor and blank it off.