Fitting crank trigger wheel and cam sensor

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Fitting crank trigger wheel and cam sensor

Postby Fil125 » Sat May 08, 2021 11:57 pm

Hi guys , Im doing an ignition upgrade on my Fiat 2ltr
8 valve twin cam injected turbo set up , it’s running a basic ignition set up so want to upgrade with crank and cam sensors for better tuning options and also go for individual coils as well.

Running Platinum sport 1000 ECU looking at putting a crank trigger wheel and sensor as well as cam sensor .
Which trigger wheel is best 36-2or 24-1?
Confused on which crank sensor to go for
digital or analogue ?and what brand or type to use ?Also what cam timing sensor best to look at as we are going to convert to run it through the original distributor ?
So many crank wheels and sensors to look at ?

Thanks Fil

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Re: Fitting crank trigger wheel and cam sensor

Postby Orangeblue » Tue May 18, 2021 2:50 am

No fiat expert here but if you are talking about the Lampredi engine, there should be plenty of options...
The engine was used till about 1998.., depending on what year your engine is, you may be able to retrofit the parts you need.

Post some more infos maybe even pics, the more info the better... :D

As for what trigger wheel to use is up to you.., the only thing between them is their resolution.
A trigger wheel with 36-2 teeths gives you a 10° resolution (360°/36teeths = 10°). The -2 is the reference mark so the ECU can calculate TDC.
A 34-1 gives 10.6° (360/34=10.59°)
And so on...

Some Alfas use the a 60-2 trigger wheel integrated into the crank pully, which could be a bolt on deal if you are lucky... ... 0-ts-14217

Im assuming you have the head mounted distributor, if yes you could have a cap and triggerfinger made.
Kinda like the VW/Audi 1.8T or the Opel C20XE M2.8.

Digital or analogue, well it's up to you again.., if you can find factory bolt on stuff, i'd use that. Simple, easy and reliable.
Wiring has to be done either way...

Hopefully that points you in the right direction.
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