PS1000 dropping out under load

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PS1000 dropping out under load

Postby richo03 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:59 am

recently my ecu has been cutting out, suddenly loosing all power around 3500-5000 rpm for about a second....happens in any gear even neutral .

its like the key was turned back to acc for a second and then back on.....cause engine will then start running as normal again.....reason for saying its like a key turn is that the anti hijack on door locks cycles and afr gauge which gets power from ecu restarts its countdown. dash tacho drops to zero but not on laptop

its a 4g63 from an evo 3
recently rebuilt
272 cams
haltech boost control (21psi)
ls1 cop's
flex fuel

had alternator bench tested all ok
replaced all ecu relays
checked all ground points
dmm checked barrel connections for voltage drop....all good

searching forums i find similar cases but not exact symptoms and most of them are polyfuse failure related.. is there a way to test for this without sending in for repair?
return policy states you only repair discontinued ecu's on said list, ps1000 is not one of these so how do you get repairs/service on this model...if it is even an internal problem

i also can upload a datalog of the event when i workout howto
ecu voltage drops to batt voltage
sometimes engine runtime resets not every time
no misses on home

let me know of any other details i've missed that will help


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Re: PS1000 dropping out under load

Postby HaltechMatthew » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:37 pm

If your door locks are cycling then something in the wiring of the car is an issue and not ECU related. Even more so if it is still online and you still see RPM while this occurs.

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