DPI / DPO for an auxiliary alarm

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DPI / DPO for an auxiliary alarm

Postby HoSDo_earth » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:32 am

Hi guys,

Time has come to rewire my car in a most professional way and thus i got back to an old project I never completed. I have a rotrex supercharged which runs on its own oil so it has a separate oil circuit. I added a thermostatic switch set for 80° which is the oil temperature limit set from Rotrex. Since I could not have a specific function for rotrex, I came to the conlclusion I could use a DPI (my DSI is already used as Datalog activation through a switch) to call the "Generic Timer Switch" and use a DPO to light a led alarm light in the dash.

My thermostatic swich is wired to chassis ground, so first question is "can I wire my DPI to ground"? In the first place I wanted it to light a bulb in my dash, obviously I can rewire it too. Second question is "can I use a DPO to direcly light a 12v led alarm light or should i trigger a relay to light it?"

When you shift the gear and the needle on the tacho goes on red and scores 9000 rpm, that's bad...

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