Ps1000 trigger and home

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Ps1000 trigger and home

Postby Bunny79 » Mon May 28, 2018 9:44 am

Hello everybody.. quick rundown of situation.. I bought a Datsun 1600 with a Fj20et and a ps1000 it wasn't running when I bought it so over the last year I've pretty much replaced everything on the car and ended up rebuilding 2 engines.. I got it started briefly couple months ago but it wouldn't idle.. since then I bought and installed a new ps1000 wiring loom and now cannot get it to fire .. im not getting any rpm or trigger and home counts on the haltech tuning software... I confirmed there is power to the distributor/optical cas with a multimeter.. can anybody confirm if these are the readings I should be getting on my multimeter from the distributor when I remove it but still leave it connected and turn the rotor by hand :: I ground the neg terminal to the body and the pos terminal to the pin on the dizzy that connects to pin 1 on the 26 pin connector (trigger+) with the shielded 4core.. when rotating 360* I get a steady 0.05 V and 4 x 0.47V readings.. then if I connect the pos terminal to the pin on the dizzy that connects to pin 2 on the 26 pin connector (home+) with the shielded 4core and turn the rotor 360* the reading is 0.47V when the rotor is not moving then when I turn the rotor it drops to approx 0.29V until I stop turning it and returns to 0.47V .. shoukd I be getting these readings..?? What could I have missed to cause the no rpm/trigger/home readings on the computer.. any help will be appreciated .. thanks in advance..

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