Car Wont Start - Map Issue?

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Car Wont Start - Map Issue?

Postby gmto2nr » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:16 am

Hello Everyone,

I have a car that I had a base map on a few months ago and not the ca wont even fire. have a bad feeling it may be IAC related, tried open loop IAC and closed.. made no difference Details below

1. home and trigger both show good counts while trying to start
2. There is fuel ( verified in the IQ3 dash for fuel pressure, also added 2 more gallons.. no luck)
3. Verified that the ECU is firing the coils with a Timing light and there is a pulse on the light when cranking

I did get a new laptop and downloaded the new ECU manager software but didn't notice that there were any changes that would prevent the car from starting.

Engine Details

Ecotec 2.16
MSD Flying Mag Crank trigger
Cam mag pick up

Current flashed map says invalid file extension, how do I fix this to post it?

Let me know if more details are needed and thanks for the help!

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