z33 pro plugin 13.5v power AUX harness issue

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z33 pro plugin 13.5v power AUX harness issue

Postby accordfreak » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:50 pm

I recently installed the pro-plugin ECU with the AUX harness in place of my redbox for flexfuel. I wired my haltech dual wideband (Haltech HT010705) to the ECU directly.

two grounds to signal ground Pin#12
red power to +13.8v Pin#16
white signal to AVI 3 Pin# 10
blue signal to AVI 4 Pin# 11

In the software, I have set the auxiliary in the main setup for the avi3 to wideband 1 and avi4 to wideband 2.

When I turn on the car the reading is at 10.0, .02 v. I used a meter to measure the voltage for the power on Pin#16 and is it fluctuating between 11 and 13.7. Can the ECU power up the wideband or does it need a relay setup. I had no issues with the wideband on the redbox when it was directly wired up for power.

I tested out the wideband by wiring it directly to the battery and I had normal a/f readings. Does the wideband draw so much power that i need to run a relay setup or is there something wrong with the AUX power?

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