New to Haltech(ish) - starting issue? possibly map?

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New to Haltech(ish) - starting issue? possibly map?

Postby Selah83 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:51 pm


New to the forums, but have to say frequent visitor :p

I have a supercharged 350z 2003 DE engine. running both NoS and Meth. I've recently changed my timing Chain and it was very stretched which caused me to break down before Christmas. I'm at a stage now where new timing chain is fitted and timed along with a new Flywheel and clutch however i'm suffering with a random spark issue, car fires under load but will not rev and feels like the passenger bank of sparks is mis-firing (uk model) i'm getting popping from the exhaust and when i hold my hand over the exhaust one side get warm the other is not.

My question really is related to my Haltech as i've just about exhausted any mechanical issue. I haven't as of yet hooked up my laptop to look at the software the reason really is i'm not certain what everything is and I don't want to make any changes to my Map that could affect the car in a detrimental way.. however I would like some advice about what I am looking for in the software so see if one of my cams in out of alignment and maybe a way to reset so it isn't?

Hope this makes sense and isn't just a load of gibberish.. Unfortunately i'm more a driver than a mechanic :p


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Re: New to Haltech(ish) - starting issue? possibly map?

Postby baselkwt » Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:22 am

It could be a camshaft timing issue, while it isn't the most difficult thing to fix, you should first make sure its not something else

Start by checking, that the coils are wired on the correct firing order (maybe the connectors are swapped)
do all the coils give a good spark?
are all the injector connectors on tightly?,
are all the spark plugs done up tight?
do any of the coils have visible damage that can cause spark to arc across the boot?
you can also check your injectors on an injector tester to see if they all function normally, you could have a dead/dirty injector

if everything is good, then its most likely the camshaft timing needs to be checked (also make sure the variable camshaft actuators are functioning properly, move the cams in the map and see if they follow)

also check that when the engine is running are the camshaft angles for both banks reading the same value, if not then its the intake cam, if they look ok then its the exhaust cam.

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Re: New to Haltech(ish) - starting issue? possibly map?

Postby 3point5 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:58 pm

added to what baselkwt said - download the factory service manual and get your coils against a ohm meter. I labelled every cylinder and each coil/injector bc Nissan did not make the physical wiring layout logical.

Are you getting any check engine lights/codes?

I would also suggest either watching or data logging your injector duty cycles to verify that they are all consistent and possibly your injector firing angle.

It wouldnt be the first time someone has missed the secondary timing chain by a tooth...

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