350z Platinum Pro Harness Installed in 03 Nissan Maxima - Help needed

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350z Platinum Pro Harness Installed in 03 Nissan Maxima - Help needed

Postby carsllcwv » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:37 pm

I currently have this haltech pnp installed in my 03 maxima, with a custom patch harness. As anyone who may have done this before knows there is a company that makes and sells the patch harness to do this and it works flawlessly for them. I have it installed and I get no dtc’s on the haltech ecu, however I get dtc’s in my stock ecu for the electronic throttle relay, p1126 & 1122 I believe. My issue is the car will not start on the haltech, it acts as if it’s out of time, and it gets entirely too much fuel, it will even stop itself ubruptly while cranking as if it’s hydrolocked with fuel. I have gone over the wiring diagram for my stock ecu, a stock 350z ecu, and the haltech ecu, many times now. If there is something I’m missing I can’t find it. I will post a few pictures of those diagrams and a diagram showing what ecu pins I have going to what on the haltech with my patch harness in case that helps anyone help me. For more Details, I’m getting steady rpms when cranking 250-300rpms, the fuel pump primes, I have spark, whether it’s at the correct time I’m not sure. My ATS, CTS, MAP all read correctly, the accelerator reads when I calibrate it, the tps doesn’t not, however when I just run the stock ecu it doesn’t read any colts higher than 0% throttle would normally read unless the car is running. I have set my injector dead times and flow for the aftermarket injectors and I’ve gone as far as setting my fuel map to 0’s and starting to add small amounts of fuel and it’s not helped. Any help would be highly appreciated. Also, in whatever case it would matter or be important, the car is far from stock. It has custom single turbo setup, return style fuel system with adjustable regulator, 630cc Siemens deka high impedance injectors, I run the fuel pressure at 48psi, and it’s set to gain pressure with boost 1:1 ratio. The car runs on the stock ecu and is driven daily that way, so there isn’t an issue anywhere other than the patch harness or the tune. I’ll be posting the wiring schematic for my patch harness shortly. I’m sure there is information that is important I’m forgetting to mention so please don’t hesitate to ask if it’s gonna be helpful to finding a solution. Thanks again

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Re: 350z Platinum Pro Harness Installed in 03 Nissan Maxima - Help needed

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:02 pm

Keep in mind that this kit was never intended for anything other than a 350Z. Nobody here at Haltech will know anything about making it run on a Maxima. Maybe some other users will be able to help.


The timing is off. They have the same crank and cam pattern as a 350Z but the crank trigger is in a different position on the flywheel due to a different dowel location. I cant remember the amount, but it is something like 45deg different but a little googling will find the amount. These ECUs are not adjustable for the Trigger Angle like all other ECU models are because it was only ever designed for a single application so there are no settings in the ECU to change this.

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