Idle problem on 350Z

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Idle problem on 350Z

Postby Hromtech » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:18 am


I have a problem with a 350Z idle. The engine is stock without any modifications, just the O² sensors which were unplug.
The idle is actually about 14.7 afr, and around 17deg timing... The idle is really low (around 550rpm). And sometime it is really unsteady grow up at 1100rpm and fall at 550rpm. (engine hot) :(
I had try to increase and decrease fuel and timing without any success. I haven't modify compensation values, for the moment I had just tune Fuel, timing, and cams timing.

Other problem, when I pull the engine on the dyno, and I press the clutch pedal, the engine rpm fall (that's normal) but the engine stops!!! Same thing on the road, when I drove the car, the engine always stops after a high acceleration.

When I plug the OEM ECU, I haven't any problems.

Is there a plugin or other, for idle control? Is the 350z basemap is correct to have a good idle?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Idle problem on 350Z

Postby JurieMNracing » Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:00 am

I was just about to post a similar post on here, freaky. Only difference is my car is heavily modded. Idles irratic on first startup (1.3k to 2K rpm) hunting and after idling for a while after decel idle just randomly after 5-10 sec jumps up to 1500rpm.

If you tweak the decel rpm menu it would probably improve the stalling issue; it impoved my issue. It's the point when it goes out of decel mode into normal fuel injection. I had to flash the stock computer for mine since with the bigger cams it doesn't like to idle at 700; my idle's at 1000-1100.

Hope more ideas follow from the gurus


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