How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

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How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

Postby cux350z » Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:52 am


Back when I started my FI build, about 1.5yrs ago I had a utec, HKS evs boost controller, innovate wideband and a cyberdyne digital boost gauge. Hal posted the Haltech package that allows you to run dual wideband sensors to a gauge and the haltech at the same time as well as integrate the boost controller to the ecu.

I loved the idea of having all the systems working together rather than separately. I believe I have seen people ask about a boost gauge being integrated but I don't think i ever read of anything being done.

I know that some people were using GM sensors but I didnt like them for 1 reason. They still required a vacuum tube to connect them to the manifold. I really hate all the clutter in my engine bay. I really really hate having to run a vacuum hose to the inside of the car for the integrated map sensor, too many failure points.

Aem Boost Gauge - 30-4406
Reads from -14.7 to 35psi (more than enough for me)
Sensor is brass and 1/8npt threaded
Sensor fits into my Vibrant vacuum block.

Aem gauge is mounted in the center cubby. Cables provided by Aem were just long enough to route through the dash and out the main harness hole by the battery. My sensor is mounted on my vibrant block

Sensor install:


Only need to connect 1 wire to the haltech plug. connect the white wire from the AEM gauge to the Black/Red wire of the haltech 4 pin connector. The haltech ground is at the same potential as the chassis ground. The input has about .1V of float relative to the sensor input voltage. More on that later.

Note: You cannot use the AEM output for datalogging for your map input to the haltech. I learned this the hard way. You may be able to use it if you provide power to your AEM guage that does not toggle when you go to crank the car. The reason is that the AEM has its boot sequence where it runs through all the led segments and the digital display which takes a few seconds. During this time the output signal from the AEM is 0v which confuse the haltech. 0psi is around 1.6v.

To fix this since I had already terminated the white wire to the haltech I decided to cut the white wire at the gauge interface and splice the green and white wires together. This means that the haltech will get the raw input from the sensor and the AEM will read the same sensor. The AEM gauge powers the sensor with +5V even during its startup sequence so it is ok and a valid signal while cranking.

Signal setup in the haltech:

Chart below shows the input from the sensor converted to inHg and PSI.
Since the haltech input pin drops the input voltage by about .1V then the mapping must be corrected. The last columns shows the voltage read by the haltech and the 3rd column is the corresponding PSI or inHg


The haltech expects only 4 values and will calculate the pressure from the linear relationship of the 4 values. The problem is that the haltech limits the values.
(x,y) (x1,y1)
x must range between 0-5v
y must range between -14.5 to145
Sensor out from .5 to 4.5 will be read by the haltech as .4 to 4.4

Now I will have a gauge that reads the same as my haltech!

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Re: How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

Postby midz350 » Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:17 am


Will try this with my STRI - DSD-SLM II boost gauge.

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Re: How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

Postby cux350z » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:55 am


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Re: How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

Postby NETSHARK » Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:20 am

Thanks for sharing the info ... BTW u can do the same for all 5v Analogue sensors be it a fuel pressure or oil pressure , they all work except that u have to find out the calibration data for each sensor, so no need to buy additional sensors just utilities ur existing one and save the costs/installation time a little bit.

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Re: How to Combine AEM Boost gauge and Haltech

Postby sprocketser » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:22 pm

Thanx for sharing , might be handy one day .
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