Fine-tuning: startup + cruising (need help)

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Fine-tuning: startup + cruising (need help)

Postby maXmood » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:02 pm

Hi Guys,

Finally, the car is running now, everything has been installed, breaking in the engine now.

the car has been tuned for start-up + cruising, but i'm not liking how it acts. a cold start takes a while cranking till it starts running (80 degrees temp), i really have to crank for couple of seconds, let off, then crank again for couple of seconds till it starts. sometimes it just keeps cranking and never wanna start, so i let it off for few seconds and start cranking again, and it takes a while before it starts.

the problem is, the tuner was busy when i took the car to him, so he did a quick tune and asked me to fine tune the ignition and fuel base, which i did and got it to crank and start a bit faster, but not as fast as it should be.

i can't take the car back to him these days as he won't be available for a while, so i wanna fine tune it myself. i wanna do the start up + cruising, because i'm seeing 15.6+ AFR when i pass 2.8k RPM (not boosting at all).

Those are the parts installed (the meth kit is installed but not working as off now till i break in the engine and get it on the dyno)

Car is 2006 350z 5AT.

-Vortech SC v2 Tuner kit with Charge cooler (No FMU or SS Box)
-2.87 drive pulley
-600cc DW injectors
-Walbro 255lph fuel pump
-Koyo 36mm Vcore radiator
-B&M Trans oil cooler
-GTM HD engine oil cooler
-NGK one step colder spark plugs
-AAM oil pan spacer
-Nismo thermostats


-Wiseco pistons - 8.8:1 cr, 0.020 overbore
-Eagle rods
-BC cams Stage 2 (264/264)
-ARP headstuds- L19
-ARP main bolts
-HKS headgaskets, 97mm
-ACL Tri-Metal Crankshaft Bearings
-ACL Tri-Metal Rod Bearings
-Clevite Thrust Washer set

-Pathfinder cooling mod
-Revup oil pump
-Snow Performance meth kit (stage 2)
-Tomei headers
-Tomei Test pipes
-Borla TD exhaust
-Kinetix SSV Manifold
-TransGo Valvebody upgrade kit
-RFS stage 0

Supercharger modifications:
-Upgraded blower including impeller
-Upgraded cog pulley
-GTM non-slip pulley

please chip in if you know what should i fiddle with.

i will try to post screenshots of the tables.


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Re: Fine-tuning: startup + cruising (need help)

Postby mandy1 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:51 pm

tweak the prime table,will start at touch of the key

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Re: Fine-tuning: startup + cruising (need help)

Postby maXmood » Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:15 pm

which one is the prime table?

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Re: Fine-tuning: startup + cruising (need help)

Postby xenocron » Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:45 am

Prime pulse table is what he means

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