Ps500 ford st170 possible trigger issue

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Ps500 ford st170 possible trigger issue

Postby Jed_dc2 » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:23 pm

Hi there trying to get my brothers car started on a ps500 ecu after an efi and individual throttle body conversion.

Waiting on haltech to call me from America but thought it was worth asking on here as well.

Basically we need the car to run direct fire coils and sequential injection.

I'm confident the settings on the ecu are correct but we still can't get it to spark or fire up.

Does anyone know for certain if the st170 cam trigger is compatible with the ps500 ecu and if it is what should we do next to try get the car running ?

Running out of ideas and the most common suggestion is to cut 4 teeth off the camshaft and run 36-1 +1 instead but would rather avoid this if possible

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