Testing and setup of 2-wire ISC

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Testing and setup of 2-wire ISC

Postby macBdog » Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:29 pm

Hello Haltech gurus and apologies about another idle control post. I've read the others.
I have a 73 2.0L Porsche flat 6 that is being run by a Haltech Platinum Sprint 500.

The idle quality has taken a dive recently so I'm figuring out what's the what with the speed controller. It's a 2-wire controller that looks like this:


When I put 12V across the terminals it just clicks but it doesn't block or restrict flow through the ports. I have purchased a new valve that behaves the same way. So it's probably not the ISC.

I checked the wiring with the manual and it looks correct, switched 12V to one terminal and the violet/red DP03 wire to the other terminal. With the ignition on and the ECU manager connection active, I cannot produce any blockage or restriction of air flow through the ports when I play with the values on this page:


Will that even work? Does the engine have to be running to correctly control the ISC? Thanks for any assistance/brain waves.

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