IQ3 + USM gear position sensor setup

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IQ3 + USM gear position sensor setup

Postby Screma » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:17 pm

Hi everyone. I am setting up my sprint 500 powered turbocharged hayabusa hillclimb buggy. I have the IQ3 dash and racepak USM for some additional channels.

I am trying to work out how to set up in the racepak software how to display my gear on the display dash.

Currently the sensor is voltage per gear and from research i have found the following.

The output voltages from the sensor are as follows
1st gear = 1.782v
2nd gear = 2.242v
3rd gear = 2.960v
4th gear = 3.630v
5th gear = 4.310v
6th gear = 4.660v
Neutral = 5.000v

I have also researched the following which i have done

You need to wire a 2000 ohm resistor onto the end of the pink wire. Then connect the end of the resistor to your 5V power source and connect your signal wire to where the resistor and the pink wire are connected. The black wire will be your ground and the blue wire is not used. If you want a dedicated neutral light on your dash, hook a 12V power source to one side of a light and then connect the other side of the light to the blue wire. When in neutral, the gear position sensor shorts the blue wire to ground, thus completing the circuit and lighting up the neutral light. Hope this helps

Ive also attached the gear position circuit.

My issue is that when i put into the racepak software calibration and click that i have a 2k ohm pullup resistor it asks for me to enter the calibration in ohms??

Not quite sure any help??
Gear position circuit

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