PS500 spark issue on Nissan QR25DE

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PS500 spark issue on Nissan QR25DE

Postby jojoanggia_95 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 1:18 pm

Hello guys, i have an issue with spark. I'm using custom trigger wheel 36-1 and no home (Motronic 36-1). I'm using stock 4 coils but with wasted spark configuration. i wired ignition #1 to coil 1 and 4, and ignition #2 to coil 2 and 3. Engine that I'm using is Nissan QR25DE. It can start and run but very rough. What i found is that plug on cylinder 2 and 3 have no spark. Spark plug 2 and 3 only sparked when i cranked the engine, but when the engine is running, there is no spark on 2 and 3. I tried another PS500 with the same configuration and it still the same, number 2 and 3 still have no spark.
Injectors are fine, there's fuel on cylinder 2 and 3 (I'm using semi sequential setup on injection mode)

can anyone help me ? thanks :D

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