Dual wideband fault conditions

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Dual wideband fault conditions

Postby cliffe5 » Sat Jul 24, 2021 5:18 pm

I have a Haltech Platinum Pro ecu, mini can hub, dual wideband controller, 3bar MAP sensor, and a haltech can gauge setup in my 1991 Nissan 300ZX tt.

Back story: I bought/installed/ran this setup a couple years ago with no issues. One day the driver side wideband sensor harness came into contact with the exhaust and melted the connector for the harness and sensor before faulting out. I setup ecu manager to take all reading from the 1 good sensor in order for me to drive home. I have bought a new sensor but can not get the new sensor to work on the drivers side bank (works fine when I plug it into the passenger side harness). Connectivity tests show I have a good signal all the way from sensor to wideband box connector pins on all wires.

Now, when I try and calibrate the new sensor via the wideband box screws (per haltech instructions) I get a fault led flashing on the driver's side bank. The install manual indicates the fault conditions are: less than 11 volts, greater than 16.5 volts, sensor has open circuit, or sensor has short circuit. None of these conditions currently apply so how can I get my wideband box to read the new sensor? I believe the old sensor that had the connector melt away did short that sensor, but why is the new one not being recognized? Thanks for any help.

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