Need help with platinum pro and canART gauge

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Need help with platinum pro and canART gauge

Postby Ap1hero » Sat May 19, 2018 3:03 pm

I'm hoping someone can give me some help with my ap1 running platinum pro plug-in.....

I am having an issue with my canART multifunction gauge. I have it connected to the car via the included can cable that goes into the last #3 slot of of my can hub (with the resistor as it's the last item in the chain) and the I/O expander is in the #2 port (white CAN CABLE) and the #1 port goes to my ecu ( via black CAN cable). When powered on, the ecu won't detect the I/O box and the gauge continuously drops wifi connection nor will make a wifi connection to my phone, and additionally it only displays 'progamming mode" the entire time it's connected. Removing it and running only the can hub and the I/O box (using both black cables) the ecu detects the expander box and works as it should but if I disconnect the I/O box and use only the can gauge (also using only black cables) it still won't allow any wifi connection and only displays "programming mode" I believe the gauge is defective as all the items are new but have no other means of troubleshooting. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated

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Re: Need help with platinum pro and canART gauge

Postby z350tt » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:58 am

Not sure on your cables connections because it's been a while since I installed mine. But the resistor is not used unless you have multiple gauges connected together and then going to the expander/HUB. I have dual wideband and canart gauge in the mini hub that's connected to the ecu. I did not use the resistor. Not sure that's your problem though.

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