Haltech I/O expander online but dpi with flex fuel isn't working

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Haltech I/O expander online but dpi with flex fuel isn't working

Postby Ap1hero » Thu May 24, 2018 9:54 am

Hey guys need some help, I'm running haltech pnp on my Honda s2000 firmware 1.13 and using an I/O expander 22 (box A) with flying lead harness to connect my boost control solenoid and my flex fuel sensor.

I'm getting 0 hz on both the dpo 1 channel as well as the dpi 1 channels they are both connected to. I've checked the wire connections, tested a second flex fuel sensor I bought, and disabled the I/O expander and reconnected it with no change in results. In ecu manager it displays the I/O box as online with no error codes and the blue normal function light is on; I can select the channels freely as I've loaded the calibration for the 50-150Hz sensor's output even still no response that the ecu knows even knows they're connected. I've updated the firmware a second time as well as searched for ecu manager updates and everything is up to date.

I've already emailed haltech's tech support page with no response and I'd like some help to resolve the issue thanks in advance for any help

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