VTEC disengagement at high RPM

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VTEC disengagement at high RPM

Postby Tierlord » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:02 pm

Hello folks,

the Platinum pro has an option to define preconditions for VTEC engagement, like minimum TPS.
The basemap has set this value to 5% which seems legitimate, so that I didn't change that.

After a day of driving and experiencing wierd behaviour when changing gears, I noticed in the logs that the VCT-Swtich turns off EVERYTIME the TPS falls below the threshold.

This means that if you shift at 9000 RPM, you let off the gas for a moment and go full throttle for the next gear, your VTEC turns off for a moment and turns back on at nearly 8000 RPM!

This is a major flaw, as VTEC engagement at such high RPM can destroy your valvetrain.

So, I would recommend to everyone that you set the min TPS value to 0, unless there will be a fix.

I'm generally concernd of how the VCT-Switch is handled. If you drive your car around in the RPM range of the VTEC crossover, it switches more on and off than anyone would want. Ideally it would need two thresholds. One for activating and one for deactivating (BELOW the activation Rpm...), so that you can set a decent margin inbetween.

Considering how old the ECU is by now, I highly doubt that this feature will be added, but anyways!


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