R32 rb26 does not start after new interieur loom

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R32 rb26 does not start after new interieur loom

Postby r0taryh3ad » Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:34 am

Hello guys

I am helping a friend on his rb26 swapped 300zx,it is running the pro plugin ecu from an r32

the engine harness itself has been built by a guy which is not reachable anymore, so no stock loom on the engine
the Interieur loom has been fully removed because the car has been caged, I have built a new Interieur loom and tried to piece the bits together...
the front body harness in the engine bay is stock
car was running before removing the Interieur loom

I managed to trigger the front relais and the ecu, I can connect, I can see all sensors (TPS, IAT, CT etc.) and I see the trigger counts without missing counts, I have +12V on the injectors, +12V on the coils, +5V at the CAS and so on
but the car does not start

I have checked the igniter (stock rb unit) wiring and I cant see +12V on any pin (car was not cranking, obviously also not running) -> is this normal?
I also don't smell any fuel, so I think the injectors are also not working

looking at the pinout I noticed a weird input, Pin 43, "ignition switch starter signal"
does the ecu need this during ranking to trigger the ignition and injector outputs?

any help would be really appreciated

thanks in advance!

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