BK Theta - Bigger Injector Flow setup

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BK Theta - Bigger Injector Flow setup

Postby RoroRSpec » Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:14 pm

Recently Purchased the Platinum Pro for my genesis coupe. I'm doing an Evo bigger turbo swap with supporting mods. Im trying to configure the values for the the bigger (750cc) injectors but cant figure out how to do the flow rate. I got a set of Deatschwerks 17U-06-0750-4 brand new which came with the Flow data for my injectors (by S/N) and also have the online data sheet which is very close to my values. I configured the Dead Time with no issues. For the Injector Flow Rate the default table its using the channel for MAP sensor PSI with 6 columns so it got me lost as to what am i suppose to put there.

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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