BK theta shows high battery voltage. Need help.

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BK theta shows high battery voltage. Need help.

Postby Dekarsan » Sun Oct 18, 2020 4:20 am


I have installed my new haltech pnp ECU and ecu manager 1.14 shows my battery voltage reading 18,5v and its constant, does not go higher or lower however much load i put on the car. Measuring at the battery voltage when car if off and on i get 12.5v and 14.4v respectively.

I have rerouted the ecu to the cabin as instructed by manual and chosen the same ground position as in the instructions... i ran my stock ecu from same rerouted spot before switching to a haltech and by measuring with obd scanners it showed the correct voltage.

I have an European(sweden) sold Genesis coupe, dont know if it matters on how the pins are wired on the stock harness.

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